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We Are Many

Explore with us and become part of a community that lives for adventure and the great outdoors.

United At Our Core

What is Banji?

The name Banji is derived from the Zambian phrase meaning “we are many,” which represents our belief in the unifying power of nature.  Our passion lies in offering transformative experiences beyond the ordinary, blending the allure of the outdoors with the chance to forge stronger bonds with those around us.


Each guided hike, tailored for everyone from solo travelers to families, is an invitation to not only marvel at nature’s wonders but also to understand the stories it tells—from its ecology to its history.


Journey with us and be part of a community that cherishes shared adventures and the timeless bond between people and the environment.


The Banji Difference

At Hike with Banji, we're passionate about exploring the great outdoors and promoting holistic wellness. Our tours are designed to help you connect with nature and find balance in your mind, body, and soul


Changing Lives,
One Hike at a Time.

We Focus on Ecotherapy.

Ecotherapy is a type of therapeutic treatment that involves doing activities while immersed in nature. There isn't one single definition of ecotherapy, but it's often used to describe a regular, structured activity that:

  • Is led by trained professionals (sometimes therapists), who are there to support you

  • Focuses on doing an activity, rather than on your health

  • Takes place in a green environment

  • Is related to exploring and appreciating the natural world

  • Involves spending time with other people, although you can always choose to interact at your own pace.



"Quinton was a great guide! As a beginner to hiking, he gave me plenty of tips beforehand to prepare me for the hike. He was very knowledgeable about the terrain, and ensured that I had both a safe and fun experience. I highly recommend hiking with Banji!"


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